About us

About Us :

50/1 Records was founded in Lakeland Florida in March 2012.  Craig Morby, the company’s founder has immense passion for the local music scene, and has been working with artists that have become friends through musical collaborations and other means. 

50/1’s name derives from the film Braveheart in which a character describes the main character having the power of 50 men…. "William Wallace killed 50 men, 50 if it were one”…… 

Our label wants to embrace this same attitude, the one company who feels it has the power of many.  That said, 50/1 feels its power is in its artists.  The company’s philosophy is one of artistic freedom, letting our artists provide the direction for their music, while still keeping the door wide open to 50/1 as a collaborator, providing assistance with direction, right down to “do you think this song should fade out or have a straight ending? ”  Our artists will help provide the direction for 50/1, not necessarily the other way around.

The label’s initial goals and mission statement are modest.

50/1 Records seeks to find artists who have a strong self awareness, and are ready to achieve the next step in their climb up the musical ladder.  As a record company and business entity, 50/1 strives to be an ally to our artists, offering guidance, collaboration and friendship, as well as the means to put their product on the market for the consumption of a worldwide audience.   

50/1 is extremely excited about our launch, and we hope you will purchase and support our first release, the Brian Sutherland Trio.