Mental Giant

Mental Giant is a sonic stick of dynamite, a power trio,
an explosive mix of honest,
forward, heart felt lyrics and intelligent, mathy, art rock consisting of Dubs on vocals and guitar, Ryan on drums and Tosh on vocals and bass.  Mental Giant weaves intelligent, loud, forceful rock with mindful lyrics about religion, politics, world issues and love lost and love won.  Dubs, Ryan, and Tosh seamlessly fluctuate between walls of sound drenched in distortion to orchestrated, playful melodic turns and twists.  Dubs' sometimes unorthodox chord structure and chord progressions are only punctuated by Toshs' melodic bass lines and bright tone.  The two front men rely heavily on the solid, aggresive and forward thinking beats provided by Ryan.  With every show Mental Giant continues to prove that it is a band to watch and watch out for in Central Florida

Mental Giant's 
"EP Number One"
is on sale now on iTunes

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